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3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Accessories


3M Peltor Black External PPT for Lite-Com
  • Rugged external PTT with a robust clip. 
  • Can be used to WS Ground Mechanic and Lite-Com III
  3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Power Supply
  • 230 V DC to USB adapter 5V.
  • Incl. adapters for UK, EU, US, AU.
  3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Charging Cable
  • Mains power socket plug with USB charging port. Power adaptor 230v DC to USB 5V, for use with 3M™PELTOR™ ACK053 rechargeable battery pack. Compatible USB Charging Cable 3M™ PELTOR™ AL2AI or PELTOR™ FR09 required.
  • Suitable for used in conjunction with FR08 (power supply) & ACK081 (battery)
  3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Rechargeable Battery
  • Operating time: about 20 hrs
  • 3.7V/ 1800 mAh/ 6,7Wh
  • Charged with cable AL2AI connected to a FR08 (power supply). Can also be charged from any USB port.
  • Charging time:

           -  Via power supply FR08 : approx. 4 hours. 

           -  Via USB port: depends on capacity of the power supply.