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3M Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus Kit & Solutions


Ensure your protection fits and works as required by law! The biggest contributor to reduced respiratory protection is poor fit.

Conducting a fit test, is mandatory. It ensures that tight fitting face-masks provide an adequate seal to the wearer’s face. So, a fit test is now required for compliance to AS/NZS1715: 2009.

The 3M Qualitative Fit Test apparatus FT-10 Sweet (Saccharin) and FT-30 Bitter (Bitrex) are designed for fit testing disposable and half face reusable respirators fitted with particulate or combination gas/vapour and particulate filters.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers a fast and easy method for performing qualitative fit testing
  • No calibration of equipment required
  • No modification of facepiece required
  • Test operator can be self-taught/ instructed
  • Kit includes: hood, collar, 2 nebulisers, sweet tasting sensitivity solution, sweet tasting fit test solution and laminated user instructions
  • Replacement solutions and accessories can be purchased separately

Solutions / accessories available:

  • Full Fit Test Kit FT-30 (bitter)
  • Full Fit Test Kit FT-10 (sweet)
  • Fit Test Sensitivity Solution FT-11 - FT-11 Sensitivity Solution (sweet) 
  • Fit Test Solution FT-12 - FT-12 Fit Test Solution (sweet)
  • Fit Test Sensitivity Solution FT-31 - FT-31 Sensitivity Solution (bitter)
  • Fit Test Solution FT-32 - FT-32 Fit Test Solution (bitter)

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