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B-Safe Roller Trolley I Beam Anchor

Roller Beam Trolley gives a safety anchor which moves with you! Easy access to work locations along an I-beam.

  • Aluminium alloy for light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • Easily installed on a horizontal i-beam
  • Fits beams with flange width 76mm-255mm
  • Beam Flange thickness up to 23mm
  • CE Approved to EN795:2013
  • MBS 15kN for fall protection for one user
  • Can be used for rescue/vertical descent (e.g rope access) when used as part of an approved rope access setup
  • IMPORTANT: ALWAYS ensure beams are close-ended or the trolley is otherwise restrained from rolling off the end of the beam. Only use on horizontal beams (not inclined nor vertical).