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B-Safe Temporary T-Bar Roof Anchor Bracket

Simple, reliable, low-cost roof safety!

The B-Safe (Ballantyne) T-Bar Roof Anchor provides a safe secure anchorage point for metal roofing tasks. The Ballantyne T-Bar roof anchor used in conjunction with ropes and harnesses allows the end user to perform tasks on metal roof situations with both fall arrest and travel restrain.

The T-Bar is light weight and compact in size compared to similar style products and is quite light at 1.5kgs.

The T-Bar can be used for those small to medium roof jobs, instead of costly scaffold or edge protection. It has a right angle plate to clamp securely to the roof edge, and screws down to roof for extra stability.

Overall Length:         400 mm

Overall Width:          400 mm

Screw Slot Length:   160 mm

Weight:                    1500 grams

Material:        316 Stainless Steel


*** this unit MUST be installed to manufacturers specifications - see Instructions Tab for PDF instructions ***