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Beaver BOW SHACKLE Grade S

3.2 tonne Yellow
2 tonne Green
1 tonne Purple
3.2 tonne, nut, pinlock, LightYellow
6.5 Tonne Brown

Beaver Grade S Shackles are a rated shackle that meet the requirement of AS 2741. Grade S Shackles are recommended where high strength is required such as lifting, towing and 4WD applications.

  • 1 tonne = Purple
  • 2 tonne = Green
  • 3.2 tonne = Yellow = 242316MP
  • 3.2 tonne, nut, pin = LightYellow = 244316M
  • 6.5 Tonne = Brown

Because the pin holds more load than the body, the pin diameter is larger than the body diameter on type S shackles, which means for the same W.L.L, these are smaller than grade M shackles.

Beaver Colour Coded Grade S: Body and pin colour coded to AS 2741, for easy match to components

Traceability: The Body ID and date of Manufacture = the Batch ID