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CleanSpace EX Mask H Series

Special anti-ignition/anti-static mask for Cleanspace-EX respirator power unit.

(For Cleanspace2 or Ultra power unit, you don't need this -EX mask, get the standard mask here instead)

The CleanSpace Half Masks are specifically designed to work to complete the CleanSpace PAPR system. Compatible with all CleanSpace Respirators, the Half Masks clip quickly onto the power units and are easily unclipped for cleaning. The Half Masks are made of soft silicone that readily moulds to the face and does not cause allergic dermatitis.


  • Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace PAPR: light weight, no hoses or belts 
  • Half masks available in 3 sizes to facilitate a good seal and a comfortable fit 
  • Materials: Soft silicone cushion, nylon clips and polycarbonate (exhalation valve) 
  • Mask Fit Test adaptor available for TSI Portacount fit testing 
  • Easy removal for cleaning 
  • Transparent and facilitates communication 

Specifications and materials 

  • Weight: average 125g 
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 130mm x 70mm 
  • Cleaning: Machine washable or use in warm soapy water. Do not use solvents (e.g. turpentine or acetone), hot water, bleaching or chemical agents. 
  • Storage and Use: –10°C to +55°C (–4°F to +131°F) at <90% relative humidity. Store away from direct sunlight, grease and oil. 

Suitable Applications 

Mining, Welding, Manufacturing, Smelting, Construction, Recycling Plants, Emergency Services, Agriculture, Processing Plants, Grinding.


Compatible with ALL CleanSpace PAPR power units Standard Classification AS/NZS1716: 2012 PAPR-P3 EN 12942 IP Rating 66 

IMPORTANT: If you are using a CleanSpace EX PAPR please consult your site Intrinsically Safe approvals. These Half Masks are not certified intrinsically safe.

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