CleanSpace P3 PARTICLE Filters


The CleanSpace™ Particulate Filter P3 TM3 is suitable for protection against airborne particulates (dust, mists and fumes).

The filters are compatible with all CleanSpace PAPR Power Units. These filters are not water proof and should be replaced if they come in contact with water.

When selecting a CleanSpace Filter please consult a Health and Safety specialist for advice on the appropriate respiratory equipment and filter use.


  • Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace PAPR: light weight, no hoses or belts
  • Suitable for protection against airborne particulate (dust, mists and fumes); Fibreglass particulate media and plastic casing, silicone seal
  • Easy and quickly fitted and removed from the power unit
  • available in packs of 3 (PAF-0035) 


Each - 21 grams

3 pack 100 grams


Shelf Life while still sealed: 3 years

Dimensions:  120 mm x 45 mm x 45 mm

Certifications:  AS/NZ 1716: 2012, EN12942 TM3/P3 HEPA  


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