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CleanSpace Pre-Filter & Protective Cover for Large Filters (20 Pack)

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The CleanSpace Protective Cover and Pre-Filter is suitable to give your equipment some protection against dirt and premature clogging.
It will keep your filter more clean from chunks and splashes so that you get the longest filter life.

This pre-filter cover will only work with CleanSpace Units that have the LARGE filters & adapter installed, it will not fit on internal P3 filters.

Sold in a pack of 20.

The Protective Cover and Pre-Filter is designed to remove coarse particles and enhance the life of the LARGE filters  (PAF-0091, PAF-0037)

The Protective Cover and Pre-Filter should be changed after each use or if excessively dirty/splashed.

Suitable For:

Mining, Welding, Manufacturing, Smelting, Construction, Recycling Plants, Emergency Services, Agriculture, Processing Plants, Grinding


~11 grams each (216 grams 20 pack)


Part Number:   PAF-0057