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Custom Rope Access Work Positioning Lanyards (Cows Tail)

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Some in-stock
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We have designed and manufactured these custom lanyards especially for the rope access & heights work industry for EXPERT USERS ONLY.
(Other lengths and end types can be custom manufactured, by request)

By special request, these devices are unique and only suitable for expert use in certain specific situations. If you're an expert you already know what you want this for, and nothing else will do!

50cm Positioning Lanyard

This extra-short 50cm lanyard allows for close connection to a work structure, anchor point, or rope. This gives a very controlled work position, without excessive loops/knots/ends of rope getting in the way.
Even adding the length of one typical carabiner, it limits falls below 60cm for safety (always connect anchor end horizontally or above the harness connector, if you are using this feature, else you may be at risk of falling too far).

2.0m Rope Tower Strap with hook ends

Fixed-length lanyard of kernmantle rope, with double-action hooks each end.

3m Cow's Tail Lanyard

Rope-worker favourite! In this design the dynamic rope and the figure 8 knot act as an energy absorber, keeping fall forces to a minimum.
Research has show than cow's tails using dynamic rope; even though there is only 3 meters of rope in the construction, absorb more energy than just static rope, and the figure-8 knot absorbs a lot of energy as it gets tightened in a fall.
Made from 11mm Dynamic rope as per IRATA requirements, with stitched eyelets each end including plastic shrouds and clear heat shrink over the sewn terminations.
The lanyards can be lengthened or shortened by simply adjusting knot(s). The overall length is 3mts, giving several useful lanyard lengths/configurations:

  • If using a single central Figure 8 knot you can get 2 legs approximately 1.15 metres each, or any combination of long/short.
  • If using two Figure 8 knots (as pictured, and our recommended option) you get 2 legs approximately 80cm each, and a central "U"
    or any combination - the greater the rope between the knots, the shorter you can get your lanyards.

Scaff Rope

Steel Scaff Hook + 6m Rope. Used with a rope grab as a work positioner only!  Must not be used in a situation where it can act as a fall arrester or life support.

Tag includes manufacture date and retire from service date.

Note: Cow's tails must be retired after a fall. 

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