Kong Duck Microblock Rope Grab

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Compact and lightweight emergency ascender. Duck is made like an emergency belay device for during retrieve, self-belay, progression maneuvers and for regulations of daisy chains.

Colour: choose Black, or coloured 
("coloured" version is RANDOM COLOUR according to whatever colour the factory is making this month - if in doubt, ask us what we have)

  • Designed for use with single ropes with a diameter between 8 and 13 mm
  • The Duck Microblock also works also on plane and tubular slings from 10 to 15 mm width (even if these are not certified for progression).
  • Due to the small dimensions, it can be easily inserted even with one only hand.
  • To insert rope, pull and rotate side plate, reposition plate and then "lock" the Duck Microblock closed with a symmetrical or oval locking karabiner.
  • The large hole allows the rotation of sleeve connectors.
  • The Duck Microblock will slide up the rope easily and grab when a load is applied.
  • Unique to this design are the "shingled" ridges on the cam and the 25 mm diameter bearing surface that has a small groove to center your rope.
  • UIAA, CE approved for use on both dynamic and semi-static ropes and accessory cord ranging from 8 - 13mm.
  • The Duck Microblock can also be used with a 10-15 mm web runner girthed to your harness to regulate its length.
  • NOTE: This device is not to be used as a back-up.
  • Weight (g): 70
  • Certification(s): CE EN 567:97
    (mountaineering, rescue - NOT professional rope access/Height Safety!)
  • Rope diameter: 8-13 mm

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