Edelrid DYNAMITE 11 mm Dynamic Rope


The new  dynamic rope in Edelrid's Dynamite collection, recommended as protection, lanyard or rope systems for industrial or adventure park use. The cross-pattern tracer thread on the sheath indicates rope diameter for immediate and reliable identification. A special sheath structure provides extra grip, while the Thermo Shield® treatment ensures perfect handling.


G/M: 78
Diameter: 11mm
Type: Single
Colours: Green, Blue
Sheath Proportion: 37%
Number of Falls: 12
Impact of Force: 8.8kN
Dynamic Elongation: 31%
Static Elongation: 7.7%
Sheath Slippage: 0mm

The basic principles for the responsible production of innovative, high performance products, like climbing ropes, are quality and safety. EDELRID has been following this creed for more than 146 years, and the rope - along our comprehensive experience in its production - is the heart and soul of our traditionally rich brand.

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