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Protecta Personal Energy Absorber 300mm

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The PROTECTA shock absorbing packs provide high quality compliance at an economical price and are trusted by workers.

They feature durable webbing and steel hardware for strength and corrosion resistance. The shock absorbing packs feature a controlled tearing action when subjected to a fall, reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels and stopping the fall.

  • 300mm size in normal use - may extend up to 1.75m additional length during a fall, to absorb the fall forces.
  • Shock absorber only - For direct connection between vertical rope climbing systems, horizontal systems etc. 
  • Compact energy absorber with clear cover - Features a compact energy absorbing unit encased in UV resistant transparent plastic for easy inspection, durability and added longevity.
  • Double action screw gate karabiner on each end - Includes double action captive eye screw gate karabiners on each end for easy connections
  • Rated to 160kg - Ideal for all workers regardless of shape, size and weight; designed to allow for applications where the combined body weight of the user (including tools and clothing) is up to 160kg.
  • Impact indicator - A deployed energy absorber will allow user to visually see if the lanyard has been involved in a fall, providing safe, simple and reliable inspection.
  • Capacity - 160kg
  • Anchor Connector Hook Type - Screw gate karabiner with captive eye
  • Harness Connector Hook Type - Screw gate karabiner with captive eye
  • Number Of legs - Shock Absorber Only
  • Harness Connection Hook - Aluminium
  • Anchor Connection Hook - Aluminium
  • Physical Weight - 0.70 kg
  • Standards - AS/NZS 1891.1
  • Protecta Shock Absorbing Lanyards - Personal Energy Absorber includes: 2 x Captive Eye Karabiners, 300mm.