Python Safety


Python Safety Dual Tool Holster - Harness

Constructed from a premium heavy duty ballistic denier fabric and high-density webbing, the Python Safety™ Dual Tool Harness Holster is engineered to withstand punishing environments. Heavy-duty 1" D-Rings are built into both sides of the holster and are load-rated for 5lbs. Neoprene pockets on the front and back of the holster each accommodate an optional retractor. This one fits on to a harness belt. No retractors included.


  • Beacon™ High Visibility Reflectors -  Products equipped with Python Safety Beacon™ Hi-Vis Reflectors are always easy to identify and locate, even when left in dark spaces. Highly reflective material is stitched into the front and back of the holster allowing it to be detected in low light conditions with a flashlight.
  • Quick-Mag™ holds tools in place without holstering - Quick-Mag™ speeds up your workflow and reduces how often your tools need to be holstered. A powerful magnetic tool staging system allows tools to simply stick to the holster ensuring that your tools are always at the ready.
  • Neoprene pockets fit optional retractors - Neoprene pockets on the front and back of the holster accommodate optional Python Safety Steel Cable Retractors.
  • Bottom drain vent - Even in rainy weather conditions, this holster stays in outstanding working form thanks to a drainage vent. The vent helps keep the holster dry by allowing water to pass through, protecting your tools from rusting, and protecting your holster from dry rot.

Model:   1500108

Capacity 2.3 kg
Model 1500108
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