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Skylotec REEPSCHNUR 6mm Accessory & Prusik Cord


Skylotec REEPSCHNUR 6mm cord is great for tool lanyards prussicks and the like. If you use a lot of cord, then a 100 mt spool is the way to go. You can cut to suit with a hotknife, or normal knife and heat the end to seal. Accessory cord with 6 mm diameter and superb handling.

  •  Art. no.:  R-109-100-S
  •  EAN:  4030281120759
  •  Standard:  EN 564:2006
  •  International standard:  UIAA 102
  •  Diameter:  6 mm
  •  Hand-washing:  40 °C
  •  Max. tensile force (EN 1891):  9,9 kN
  •  Max. service life:  4-6 Years
  •  Temperature from:  -35 °C
  •  Temperature up to:  55 °C
  •  Weight:  2.4 kg / 100mt
  • Material: Polyamide



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