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Sala Rollgliss


Rollgliss Mechanical ROPE PROTECTOR - For Man Made and Natural Surfaces

The Rollgliss RopeCraft Rope Protection products are a range of synthetic and mechanical devices, designed to prevent rope damage caused by friction from sharp, abrasive, or dirty edges.

Mechanical rope protectors utilise a series of rollers that aid in guiding the moving rope with minimal friction. They are constructed in a variety of styles with specific functionality. Whether it to be guide your rope over an edge, along the ground, or to prevent lines from tangling when using multiple ropes, these devices are a valuable tool for the rope or rescue professional.

  • Designed for simple man made edges and complex natural edges
  • Multiple rigging points
  • Multiple units can be connected to extend the protected area
  • Constructed of four independent modules that can be positioned to adapt to the terrain
  • Vertical and horizontal rollers guide the moving rope to provide protection at all angles

SKU: 8700302

Type: For Man Made and Natural Surfaces

Material: Aluminium

Surface Finish: Anodised

Rigging Points: 4 end quick links

Weight: 1.43 kg

Height (outside dimensions): 65 mm

Length (outside dimensions): 460 mm

Depth (outside dimensions):62 mm

Minimum Breaking Strength: 70 kN


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