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Skylotec ERGOGRIP SK12 on 11mm Rope

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Fall arrest/lifeline for working on roofs or structures with premium Ergogrip adjuster.

Aged stock special - 25m size only - Jun'16 manufacture date at reduced prices, while stocks last!

Made with 12mm+/- kernmantle polymide rope, and ErgoGrip aluminium adjuster with 300mm lanyard strap and 18mm double action steel karabiner and a 60mm steel scaffold hook on the top end of the rope.

Available with various rope lengths

Model Number: L-0448

Weight: 2.28 kgs (for 10mt version)

  • Standard:  EN 353-2:2002, EN 358:1999
  •  Diameter:  12 mm
  •  Hand-washing:  40 °C
  •  Max. number of persons:  1
  •  Temperature from:  -35 °C
  •  Temperature up to:  45 °C
  •  Suspension element:  core-sheathed rope 12mm
  •  Karabiner on device:  FS 51 ST
  •  Karabiner on rope:  FS 90 ST
  •  Materials:  POLYAMIDE rope and sling, ALUMINIUM device, STEEL karabiners

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