Skylotec LOOP SEP Anchor Sling for Sharp Edges


LOOP SEP was a specially developed heavy duty sling for working at sharp edges with a 30mm wide webbing with a 40mm wide beefed up outer sheath. The tensile force of 40 kN and the flexible casing made from special cut-proof fibres make the loop practically indestructible. The fixing is stitched conically so that the loop does not get caught at this critical point.

Model Number: L-0321

Lengths: 750mm, 1.35mt, 2mt, 3mt

Weight: 480 grams (2.0mt)

  •  Standard:  EN 354, EN 566, EN 795-B
  •  US Standard:  ANSI Z359.1:2007
  •  Breaking load, major axis:  40 kN
  •  Diameter:  30 mm
  •  Hand-washing:  40 °C
  •  Max. number of persons:  1
  •  Patent 
  •  Suitable for sharp edges:  Yes
  •  Temperature from:  -35 °C
  •  Temperature up to:  45 °C
  •  Material:  POLYESTER

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