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Skylotec SKA8 Cable Runner with Oval Steel Karabiner

Height access system with a (EN 353-1) fall-arrest device for use on SKA8 Ladder safety system. The permanent vertical lifeline system SKA 8 is used for safeguarding persons working at positions located at height or depth.

The vertical lifeline system SKA 8 is used on vertical ladders and step iron lines, in connection with this SKA8-RUN-B and a fall arrest harness according to EN 361.

The respective instructions for use of fall arrest harness and it's attachment to a fall arrest device must be observed.


The SKA8-RUN-B is only suited to the SKA 8 system, made of stainless and galvanised steel slides on galvanised steel wire ropes with a diameter of 8 mm (7x19W-WC/37,6 kN).

 ** please allow a few days for delivery of this item as we carry minimal stock in our store **


  • Removable rope adjuster/grab device.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Detachable device runs on kernmantle ropes with a diameter of 12mm.
  • Dual redundant closing mechanism prevents the SKA being put on the rope incorrectly, thereby ensuring increased safety.
  • Comes with an Oval Steel screwgate karabiner.
  • Maximum number of persons 1.


For Steel rope:    8mm Ø

Application:        Permanent Fall Arrest Systems

Size:                         140 x 90mm

Weight:                  940 grams

Material:               Stainless Steel, Steel

Certifications:    CE EN 353-2 



Model:    SKA8-RUN-B