Technique GRIPPS Tether Kit - 40 Piece

This all-rounder kit provides a comprehensive range of options for safely tethering hand tools to be used at height.

Featuring components drawn from most areas of the Technique ‘Stop the Drops’ system, this kit makes an excellent addition to many tool kits.

Kit Contains:

  • 10 x H01005 Tool Catch Attachment 12mm x 55mm
  • 10 x H01006 Tool Catch Attachment 25mm x 90mm
  • 1 x H01057 Tool Choke Dual Wing Attachment
  • 5 x H01021 Tool Catch Attachment with Cord
  • 3 x H01073 Tool Bungee Tether 4.5kg
  • 1 x H01069 Coil Tether 2.3kg Rated
  • 2 x H01010R Tech Wrap Heavy Duty 2.5cm x 274cm Yellow
  • 2 x H01085-M Slip-On Wristband Slim Profile Medium
  • 2 x H01067-25 Webbing Tool Lanyard 4.5kg 30cm
  • 1 x H01110 STOP the DROPS Bucket 113Kg
  • 1 x H01063 Tool Coil Lanyard 0.9kg Rated, Clip + Loop
  • 1 x H02101 Bolt Pouch
  • 1 x H01035 Micro Catch with Adhesive
  • 25 x H01037 Tool Rings 25mm Ø

Model:   H01403


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