Technique GRIPPS Tool Sheath Tether Attachment Points

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The all new tool tethering system that allows full functionality! The metal collar-flange slides onto the tool's shank, then the firm-fitting rubber sheath secures it in place.
This allows for full use of the tool.

360 degree mobility prevents lanyard entanglement, and the flexible collar allows for rapid installation.

Fits a wide range of screw drivers and other tools (e.g. chisels, punches, pliers, pens, pencils, pry bars and more)

part# Fits tools sized: Buy this size:
H03030 4mm-5mm 4mm
H03031 5mm-6.5mm 5mm
H03031A 6.5mm-7.5mm 6.5mm
H03032 7.5mm-8.5mm 7.5mm
H03033 8.5mm-10mm 8.5mm
H03034 10mm-12mm 10mm
H03035 12mm-14mm 12mm
H03036 14mm-16mm 14mm
H03037 16mm-18mm 16mm
H03038 18mm-21mm 18mm
H03039 21mm-24mm 21mm

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