Hydration - not just critical for Summer

Hydration - not just critical for Summer

"Pryme has launched 'Hydration Health & Safety 365' to increase awareness about the importance of proper hydration all through the year", says Terry Houlihan, managing director of Pryme.

Dehydration can be a threat to workers health and productivity in every season. It is a known fact that more fluid is lost during the summer than other times of the year. That's why people tend to drink more fluids during summer compared to other seasons. However, proper hydration is an absolute necessity for the human body throughout the year. Many ignore their hydration needs during winter because of thirst suppression and intake of coffee/other hot beverages, which are bereft of the essential electrolytes necessary for proper metabolism. This can cause unexpected and severe dehydration. The truth is, every individual should make a conscious effort to stay well-hydrated every day, whether it’s hot or cold.

"Pryme has been working for over 20 years to address the hydration needs of individuals in hot workplaces where they are more likely to suffer from heat related accidents. Sqwincher, Pryme's range of premium electrolyte enhanced hydration is a trusted name in many industries", says Mr. Houlihan.

Proper hydration does not merely mean drinking litres of water. While water is a key component, our body also needs certain amounts of electrolytes to stay adequately hydrated. Necessary electrolytes include Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

The human body requires a level of fluid for optimal performance. Fluids carry nutrients to our cells and maintain the function of every vital organ of the body including the brain and the heart. Fluids also help flush out impurities from our bodies and regulate its temperature.

Dehydration is a crisis that's prevalent throughout the world today, especially affecting people who have jobs which are physically demanding, or which have workers exposed to radiant heat. More often than not, dehydration severely affects their performance and general well-being. In fact, even a 2% loss in fluid may affect the output of working individuals dramatically. At 10%, the individual runs the risk of hypothermia and circulatory collapse.

How does the human body lose fluids?

Loss of bodily fluids is entirely natural and happens throughout the day. Some of the ways workers loose fluids include sweating, urination, exhalation & diuretic intake. Personal protective safety equipment can accelerate fluid loss.

Some individuals are more prone to dehydration than others. There are numerous environmental and physiological factors that contribute to a higher fluid loss in some. They are:

  • High temperature and humidity
  • Physical exertion at one’s workplace
  • PPE and other heavy work clothing
  • Working in areas with low air circulation
  • Medical precondition
  • Exposure to radiant heat

Sqwincher Hydration products provide a range of product formats to give workers choices to meet the specific needs of their unique work environment. These include:

Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate

  • Holistic hydration
  • Low level of sodium
  • Free from caffeine and gluten
  • Optimum amount of electrolytes
  • Refreshing taste

Sqwincher Qwik Stiks Zero

  • Sugar Free for Zero calories
  • Convenient portable packaging that provides portion control

Frozen Sqweeze Pops

  • Helps cool core body temperature fast
  • Single-serve packaging ensures portion control
  • Also available in the sugar-free version

Apart from these ground-breaking hydration products, Pryme also offers coolers, bottles and other relevant accessories that one would require to stay hydrated throughout the year.

With its Hydration 365 project, Pryme has taken the issue of hydration head-on and aims to make hot workplaces safer places.