Sundstrom PAPR Kit: SR700 Fan Unit, SR200 Mask


Complete PAPR kit with SR700 fan unit, SR200 Full Face Mask, hose and belt.


  • Heavy Duty Asbestos Edition has rubber headstraps, belt, & hose (instead of fabric or concertina), so as not to collect dust.
  • Standard Edition has fabric straps for comfort and flexibility.

SR 700 Power Unit can be used as an alternative to filter respirators in all situations in which these are recommended. This applies particularly to work that is hard, warm or of long duration. The fan is equipped with filter, and the filtered air is fed through a hose to the mask. The pressure then generated prevents surrounding pollutants from penetrating into the mask.

SR200 Full face mask with excellent fit, high protection level, eye protection and very good breathing comfort for use in the toughest work environments.


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