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Sundstrom PAPR SR500 Fan Unit


Sundstrom SR500 powered air purifying respirator is the safest way to filter the air around you.

Twin filters* filter more air, for longer; battery-powered fans push the clean air to your helmet.  If there is the slightest leak between your mask and your face, the positive pressure means that clean air goes out (so dirty air does NOT come in)!

Additionally, the fan-assisted air flow can help cooling and heavy breathing, during extended periods of hard work in warm conditions.

The fan can be used with Sundstrom hoods, face shields or full face masks (includes SR580 helmet). Change-over helmets/hoods/facemasks can be purchased seperately.

The fan unit must be fitted with a pair of suitable filters;

  • gas filters can be used with dust filters 'stacked' on top (to extend the life of the gas filters), or
  • dust filters can be used without gas filters

*includes one pair of P3 dust filters; (gas filters are not included).


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