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Sundstrom SR221 PRE-FILTER


Pre-filters save you money by keeping your Sundstrom filter cleaner for longer!

Order multiples of 5 for a packet, 80 for a box.

Always put a clean pre-filter onto your main filter daily, and you can be sure of longer main-filter life. Superb low-cost protection against liquid splashes and coarse particles before they reach the main filter. Use a pre-filter at all times. Great effect at a tiny cost. It's the smartest thing you can do.

  • Snap-on design
  • Catches coarse particles
  • Prolongs main filter life
  • Costs only cents
  • Great splash protection
  • Smartest accessory of all

Pre-filters to be used in conjunction with Sundstrom SR100, SR200, and SR500 respirators to prolong the filter life: Fits all Sundstrom non-threaded main filters (gas and particle)

102 mm diameter x 1 mm thick. 


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