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Sundstrom SR298 AX Gas Filter for Sundstrom respirators


For use with Sundström half and full face masks. The SR 298 AX protects against organic compounds with a boiling point equal to or lower than 65°C in groups [types] 1 and 2, such as Carbon disulphide, Acetone, Allyl chloride, Cloroprene .Can also be used as an A2 organic gas filter. Class 2 Filters are suitable for a maximum permissible concentration of toxic substances at a rate of 0.5 vol. % or 5000 ppm.


Construction, manufacturing, chemical handling, emergency services, military, agricultural and laboratory

Standards: Tested and approved according to EN 14387:2004.

Used against organic gas and vapour with a boiling point lower than +65°C,such as certain solvents. The filter fits into the filter attachment of Sundström's half and full face masks. An SR510 particle filter can be snapped onto the front of the filter. Two identical AX filters can also be used with the SR500 PAPR by using filter adaptors.
NOTE: When used as an AX filter, the filter is a single-use only filter which must be discarded after 8 hours' use or sooner, depending on the concentration of the contaminant 


— Largest diameter: 106 mm
— Thickness: 48 mm

Model Number:  H02-2412

Specific AX Absorbtion Levels:

Test gas Conc. (PPM) B'through (min)
Isobutane 2,500 65–70
Dimethyl ether 500 70–75
est gas Conc. (PPM) B'through (min)
Carbon tetrachloride 5,000 60–65

Pressure Drop:

— At 30 l/min: 25-30 Pa (standards requrement: <100 Pa)
— At 95 l/min: 120-140 Pa (standards requirement: <400 Pa)


Life Span/Storage:

The following are all indicators that its time to replace your filter:

  • The expiration of the service life of gas filters can be detected by odour or tasted on the clean air side. The filters must then be replaced.
  • The expiration of the service life of particle filters or combined filters that are used against particles can be detected by an increase in inhalation resistance.
  • With combined filters – depending on the predominant protective function – both criteria must be observed. Particle filters must only be used once against radioactive contaminants, spores, bacteria,viruses and proteolytic enzymes.
  • Some filters have a specified maximum service time (CO filter cartridges, combined filters 93 Hg/St) or they have an incorporated warning system (CO filter canisters).
  • Filters that are used against hazardous gases whose infiltration cannot be detected by odour, taste or irritation, are subject to special regulations concerning duration and usage that depend on the conditions of use. Otherwise a form of protection that functions independently of the ambient air must be used.

Further conditions of use in each individual workplace and of each user affect the service life of respiratory devices, such as:

  • Pace of breathing – the higher the rate of breathing the higher the contamination rate of the filtering device
  • Temperature of the ambient air – the higher the temperature, the shorter the service life
  • Humidity – the higher the humidity the lower the intake capacity of activated carbon against organic gases and vapours
  • Mixtures of hazardous agents – less absorbent components in the activated carbon can be replaced with components that offer higher rates of absorption (desorption)

For factory sealed and properly stored gas and combined filters the following storage lives can be expected:

Filters type A, AX, B, E, K, Hg, Reactor : 6 years
Filters type CO, NO : 4 years

Proper storage conditions are indicated on the filter packaging. The expiration date is marked on the individual filters. Gas and combined filters that have been opened must be replaced after 6 months at the latest, or earlier if they are exhausted.


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