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Sundstrom SR63 Compressed air hood with SR347 regulator

Soft PVC hood & supplied-air regulator (PAPR) - a respirator solution that doesn't rely on face contact!

This compressed air hood does not rely on tight facial fit.It is therefore suitable for people who cannot achieve adequate fit with another type of respirator, such as:- people with beards, moustaches, stubble, whiskers or other facial hair;- persons with severe skin conditions; users with dentures; or- people whose other face characteristics prevent using the type of face masks that rely on tight fit.
Requires Clean pressurised air to be supplied from outside (such as an air compressor with SR99-1 filter and breathing-approved hose). FEATURES - Fits over the entire head- Often a good solution for bearded users- Durable PVC-supported nylon material- Crush-proof, scratch-proof polycarbonate visor- SR347 belt-mounted regulator (included) has extra outlet for compressed air tools (such as spray guns), so you don't need two air-hoses snaking across the floor- Covers face, head, neck and shoulders