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Sundstrom SR99 -1 Compressed Air Filter

For supplied air: produces clean breathing air from ordinary compressed air.

Simply connect this between your ordinary air compressor and your breathing mask(s), and get an unlimited supply of clean breathing air.

The unit can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall.

The unit consists of a regulator, pre-collector, and main filter (replaceable with SR292 cartridge), all of which are mounted in an enclosing steel sheet stand.
The pre-separator has automatic drainage, separates coarser particles, water and oil.
The air is cleaned to remove any remaining particles/gases/vapours/odours.

Two air outlets - in addition, a Y-Coupling that increases the number of breathing air outlets, is available as an accessory (182-05400).

Includes an SR292 filter-cartridge so you can work straight away.
Replacement cartridges available here

Maximum capacity is 900L/min, sufficient for 

  • 3 persons working hard, or 
  • 2 firefighters working extremely hard, or 
  • 2 persons +2 typical air tools.

Inlet connection 1/2in. BSP

Inlet pressure 6–10 bar

Outlet connections: One safety coupling 1/2in. and one plugged opening

Air flow Maximum: 900 l/min - three users

Filter area P3 ≈ 2 200 cm2

Activated carbon ≈ 500 grams

Adsorbtion capacity ≈ 100–150 grams oil