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3M Chemical Sorbents


3M Chemical Sorbents are made from inert, synthetic fibers principally polypropylene and polyester. They are available in a wide range of formats and are lightweight and nominally dust-free. They have a high adsorption capacity which minimizes the amount of waste for disposal. For control of spills of certain hazardous liquids High Performance Chemical Sorbent PadsChemical sorbent pad has a low-profile design and can be easily placed in tight areas. Ideal for small spill management and wiping down contaminated areas. Conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent on and in the path of a spill.
  • A highly adaptable format. They can be used on water to pick up oil covering large surface areas and in wiping applications
  • Highly absorbent, featuring a low profile design
  • Conveniently sized and packaged in a dispenser box
  • Ideal for cleaning up small spills and wiping down contaminated areas
  • Size: 23 cm x 36.83 cm, Capacity: 590ml/pad
 High Performance Chemical Sorbent RollChemical sorbent roll can be easily cut to cover small areas or fit tight corners. Rolls of sorbent material are used for large spill management or in areas where spills may occur. May be used to cover bench tops in prep for a spill or as a work surface.
  • For fast coverage of large surface areas of water, they can be easily torn to length. Also used as a mat to keep shorelines or banks clean and to place used sorbents upon
  • For use on most aggressive (hazardous) and non-aggressive liquids
  • Scrim on one side increases strength and helps eliminate linting
  • Rolls may be cut to cover small areas or large surfaces
  • Size: 38cm x 45m, Capacity: 117L/roll 
 Chemical Sorbent Mini-BoomsChemical sorbent mini-booms are typically used to encircle spills and to contain leaks. A 7.5 cm diameter scrim on the outside of the boom identifies the application. This boom is 1.2 m in length.
  • Generally on-land applications to contain and adsorb spills
  • For use on most aggressive (hazardous) and non-aggressive liquids
  • Ideal for placing around equipment
  • Helps prevent leaks/spills from spreading to adjacent areas
  • Scrim on the outside of mini-boom identifies the use while containing particulate Sorbent material
  • Size:  7.5cm x 1.2m, Capacity: 3.8L/boom 

Chemical Sorbent PillowsPillows are designed with a scrim that encases particulate sorbent material. Pillows are used in areas where more capacity is desired than can easily be achieved using a sorbent pad.
  • For use on most aggressive (hazardous) and non-aggressive liquids
  • Pillows are designed with a scrim that encases particulate Sorbent material
  • Pillows are small and light weight
  • Pillows are tear-resistant and feature a high capacity for holding liquid
  • Ideal for placing at the source of a leak
  • Size:  23cm x 38cm, Capacity: 2L/pillow 

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