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Camp Safety


Camp Goblin FALL ARRESTER & backup device


The Goblin fall-arrester represents a monumental step forward in safety for workers who rely on fall arrest systems for work at heights. The Goblin is a light weight and compact device which gives it a weight/size benefit over devices like the ASAP, but it also has a steel cam, which means it will outlast devices like the Red, Locker or Duck. It is designed to be used on ropes ranging from 10 to 11 mm.

Wear and tear on the rope is reduced to the minimum thanks to the specially designed locking mechanism that lowers the fall arrest force (the force transferred to the body in the event of a fall) by half compared to other devices and locks the rope along a long axis, rather than pinching it aggressively with a toothed cam.

The innovative cam also creates perfectly smooth action on the rope whether it is being used to ascend or descend the line. Switching between the fall-arrest and ascension modes is accomplished with the simple push of a button on the back of the device. Hot forged stainless steel locking components combined with a robust aluminium alloy body for exceptional durability over time.

The Goblin is Certified for single use up to 120 kg and for double person rescue scenarios up to 200 kg, another big bonus over Reds, Ducks, Lockers etc.

Goblin is also tested and qualified according American standard ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007 up to 136 kg.

Compliance: EN 12841/A-B, EN353-2, ANSI 2359.1

Colour:   Red also available in BLACK

Model: 0999

Weight:  280 grams

  Download a PDF Spec Sheet