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Stahl 250kg Intrinsically Safe Manual Chain Block on Trolley

The Stahl SHKex is a manual chain hoist for explosion-protected environments. This particular block is a custom made unit designed for operating on a monorail girder/beam in a Natural Gas explosive environment. It has also been powder coated for maximum weather protection in high humidity environments.

STAHL CraneSystems is internationally recognised as an explosion protection specialist and regarded as world market leader for explosion protection technology. The safety of people and machines in areas exposed to gas and dust explosion hazards is our top priority. Hoisting technology from STAHL CraneSystems ranks among the safest technology on the market in the petrochemical, power supply, shipbuilding, offshore and natural gas liquefaction (LNG) industries.

The SHKex manual chain hoist is based on the SHK+ manual chain hoist. Thanks to its special features it can be used in areas exposed to gas or dust explosion hazards, explosion protection Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22. The strict ATEX directives on mechanical and electrical explosion protection are all satisfied with this model.

The SRFex manual trolley is designed for manual hoists or electric chain hoists with hook suspension and for a lifting capacity of up to 10,000 kg and the explosion-protected design complies with ATEX. It is moved by pushing the load. Adjusting it to the different flange widths up to 200mm could not be simpler. Crowned wheels are used for all types of profile. Machined steel flanged wheels ensure smoother running.The roller bearings in the wheels are sealed on both sides and thus maintenance-free.

The SRFex manual trolley is supplied complete with fall arresters and rubber buffers. It can be designed for higher lifting capacities and flange widths above 200 mm on request.


  • Robust SHKex manual chain hoist for the lifting capacity of 250kg
  • Based on the SHK / SHK+ manual chain hoist
  • Aluminium powder coating, RAL 9006, dry film thickness 70 ë_m
  • Stainless steel hand chain (316L)
  • Bronze-coated hook, brass-copper zinc alloy (CuZn36 or CuZn39Pb2), dry film thickness 60 ë_m
  • Suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22
  • Designed in compliance with ATEX in certified quality
  • Explosion-Protected manual trolley



Rated Capacity: 250kg

Explosion protection: Zone 1, 2, 21, 22

ATEX marking: Ex ll 2 G c llC T4 Ex ll 2 D c lllC T + 135°C

Hoist Manufacturer: Stahl Germany

Hoist Type: manual chain block

Hoist Model: SHKex

Height of Lift: 7.5m

Hoisting Speed: manual hand chain

Girder trolley: manual push type

Trolley model: SRFex

Girder flange: 50mm - 202mm

Environment: Outdoors

Finish: Aluminium powder coating, RAL 9006, 70ë_m thick.


Components Included: 

  • stainless steel load chain,
  • stainless steel hand chain,
  • stainless steel hook,
  • overload slipping clutch,
  • twin disc hoisting brake,
  • fall arrest protection,
  • factory proof testing,
  • certificates,
  • operating manual and
  • 2 monorail end stops (clamp-on).

Lead Time: please allow 10-12 weeks for production of this item as we tailor make this unit as required.

Note: Image supplied may vary slightly from finished product.

Approximate Shipping Size: 500mm x 300mm x 550mm

Approximate Weight: 30kg